Mr and Mrs Ierone

The most common statement we hear from our newlyweds is that the day goes by so fast! It's a day that has so much thought and planning go into it so while it's easy to get swept up in all the magic whenever possible try to remember to slow down and soak up every magical moment.


If you have decided to do your photos somewhere off sight then this moment is one of those times. Surrounded by the people you hold nearest and dearest, even if you can only spare 10 minutes make sure you just take a deep breath let all the remaining stress out as you do and spend a moment to reflect on your day so far (maybe with a glass of bubbly if you are anything like me!) You have already created so many magical memories by this stage so why not steal a few moments and share them around after. I'm sure as a result your photos will come through even more natural and beaming with love. I mean don't take my word for it just check out the below photo!


While a lot of the WA team we  talk to are still deep in the planning stage as the day gets closer a lot of our soon to be newlyweds struggle with lack of sleep building up to the big day which is completly normal so don't stress out if you are one of them. Maybe try reading a book before bed, doing a crossword or even meditating something that isn't related will help your brain switch off and if none of that works some light sounds while you sleep will help distract your mind.

And remember to pack the essentials. Water, panadol and some snacks. When all the stress from the planning and the big day dissipates sometimes out bodies are left feeling the toll. if this sounds like you then ask one of your girls to be on water duty ensuring you have sips throughout the day it might just be what has you busting out the Macarena until 2 in the morning

But enough from me let's hear what our newlyweds Mr and Mrs Ierone have to say....

Our advice is simple: Take every moment in on your big day as it flys by. Relax, breathe and have the time of your life!

The best part of the day was walking down the aisle when my eyes locked on to my soon the be husbands. the whole time I walked I felt calm both of us with these massive smiles literally from ear to ear. (funny as this was the part I was most nervous about leading up to the big day) 

awwwww... i'm not crying you are! it just shows that if you are worried about that walk down the isle for what ever reason it won't matter once you find each others gaze and share that moment together


Shout Outs 😍

Cake Topper - Wedding Apparel

Hair Stylist - Vicky & Aaliyah Amai at Stunning Hair 

Make Up - Face by Nadia 

Photographer: Jess Dewsnap Photograph 

Cake Maker: Tracey at Chocolate me 

Venue - Sliverstream Retreat



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