Mr and Mrs Johnson

We are so excited to finally share our first post with you!

Our first bride in our 'love stories' series Alannah came to us about a month out from her special day with a specific design already picked out for her custom designed denim jacket! I was so excited that she had picked out her own design which was fantastic as this meant we got to do something a little different all while bringing somebody else's vision to life and knowing it would be that much more special because of it!! check her out rocking the jacket in the photo below!

You could just tell by the few conversations that we have over the month that their wedding would have been a super fun, carefree and most importantly represented them as a couple

Sometimes amongst all the planning, budgeting and stress of external factors, we can lose sight of the goal so just try to remember that while its a special time for your friends and family so of course they are excited to share all there own ideas and plans remember that ultimately its about the two of you, yes you might let a few things go if its not important to you, but try to remember to take time to meet back in the middle again away from the external factors and make sure that most importantly the two of you are on the same page about the important things. Don't lose sight of who you are as a couple this is the beginning of your brand new adventure as newly weds!

So if your Great Aunty Karen asks to invite her entire bingo group to your wedding or starts kicking up a fuss when you tell her you won't be having a bar tab just take a deep breath and remember your reasoning, maybe you are cutting back the budget to make room for bigger plans in the future. Just Remember Karen will eventually get over it just explain to her your reasons you know she just likes to make a fuss and by the time you are pronounced NEWLYWEDS she will have forgotten all about it and finished the free bubbles that was supposed to supply the whole table so just remember, its about you and keeping honest communication throughout the process will go along away in keeping you sane.


Advice from our newlyweds.... 

Mr & Mrs Johnson

My advice is to pick vendors who are feel like an extension of you friends and family this makes the planning process and the day more fun and less stressful! On the day make sure you stay hydrated (drink bubbles but also some water haha) and take in every moment it’s the most amazing day and do what you want with your day.

We did a short first dance then broke into the macarena and once the reception finished my husband and I went out to town with some guests and partied until 4am was so much fun! Also don’t make things too complicated and stress yourself over it, I had this big grand plan for our seating chart which ended up being more trouble then it was worth and in the end we just got it printed and put it in a frame and everyone thought it looked amazing.



Check out some of their vendors below!

Jacket: Wedding Apparel NZ

Photographer: Justin Aitken

Venue: The Narrows Landing

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